Better in Doubles – Better Watch Out


Doubles is a faster game than singles and as a coach you can help your players improve their doubles by improving their vision!  Not their 20-20 vision but their “who” vision, what player they should be watching when their partner is hitting.  For example, when your team is in the one up and one back position and the ball goes crosscourt to the back player the net player should watch the other net player and not turn their head to watch their partner hit.  The opposing net player is the player that can “hurt” your net player first and by watching that player your player has a better chance to react to their movements and shots.

To incorporate these ideas with your practice there are two drills on you can use; DoC543 and DoC544 Volley to the “T” I and II!


DoCPlT564 Moving with the Ball II

This practice drill will help players improve their court coverage in doubles. This practice drill is similar to DoCPlT563 but the starting point is a little different forcing more movement and communication. Start with two players on the baseline one behind the other and a team waiting to come in and two players one on each side near the alley as tosser’s.  One or two other teams will start on the opposite side, one team ready to play at the net in a line one player behind the other. One of the players on the side will toss and a baseline player will move over and hit the ball down the line and his partner moves to the correct positioning.  The net team moves the correct way and the point is played out.  For the next point the other player tossing tosses to his side and players shift and the point is played out.  A new team comes in at the baseline and at the net and the sequence is repeated.  Eventually teams will rotate positions as the tossing team becomes a hitting team.  This drill will easily accommodate 10 players per court.