Dry Your Court – BATT!


Help for Your Tennis Courts; Repairs and more

SportMaster is a worldwide brand of acrylic sport surfaces for tennis, basketball, and other multipurpose applications.  With product distribution and representatives throughout the United States, SportMaster can assist high school tennis coaches, at no charge, with the following:

  • Implement a tennis court maintenance program to meet any budget
  • Diagnose tennis court problems from cracks and birdbaths, to surfacing issues
  • Recommend cost effective repair solutions (some that can be performed by maintenance crews)
  • SportMaster has a nationwide network of authorized installers that can provide free estimates or bid on tennis court repair, resurfacing, and construction projects.
  • We can create a free, customized specification for repair and resurfacing of tennis courts.  This ensures “apples to apples” bidding from multiple contractors.

If you have any questions or would like our help with any of these items, please contact us:

Phone: (800) 326-1994 – Email: info@sportmaster.net