Summer Tennis Camps

Hope you are enjoying the summer; it’s a fun time and the opportunity for a lot of tennis.  If you are in the middle of your tennis camps be sure to take advantage of the resources on

 The Camp and Event Manager will set up your staff schedules and you can easily create handouts using the Daily Sheet function.  Speaking of handouts there are over 100 on the site including some new camp handouts;

  • H174 Pre-camp Form
  • H175 Think Like a Parent for Your Tennis Camp
  • H176 Tennis Camp Completion Certificate
  • H177 Tennis Camp Performance Certificate

Here are some of the highlights of H175 Think Like a Parent for Your Tennis Camp

#1 Concern of Parents is Safety

  • Promote your safety record and safety procedures such as;
    • Staff background checks
    • Staff training in CPR, etc.
    • Written plan for emergencies
    • Staff/camper ratios
    • Emphasize your expertise and camp programming to handle each child’s needs from those outgoing kids to shy or socially awkward to tournament level as well as beginners.  A camp goal may be for each child to leave camp feeling better about him/her than when they arrived.
    • Associate your camp with other experts such as a professional dietician to help design lunch menus and snacks and or a professional sports trainer (possibly from a local university) for tennis specific exercises and training routines.

 As a subscriber you have access to all the handouts, drills, camp plans and much more.  Visit to join today!